Music at Maryville

Suggested Music at Maryville Donations

Dear Music at Maryville Patrons,

Admission to Music at Maryville concerts is free. If you were moved by the music you heard, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

If you wish to honor the legacy of Katja Georgieff by donating toward the endowment of the Music at Maryville series she founded in 1980, then please:

  1. Visit this Maryville University Donations webpage
  2. Fill in your donation amount and personal information
  3. In the box headed “Direct My Donation To,” please choose “Other”
  4. In the box headed “If Other Please Specify Here,” please enter “Music at Maryville Fund”

If you’d like to support Maryville University generally, please visit this Maryville University Donations webpage. Please consider directing your Maryville donation in one of these three ways:
To the Music at Maryville Fund
To the William Briggs Scholarship Fund for Maryville music therapy students
To the Maryville Fund

Thanks for your supporting our Music at Maryville series!
Peter Henderson, D.M.

Associate Professor of Music
Music at Maryville series director
Maryville University