Guidelines for usage of the Bösendorfer grand piano in Huttig Chapel

When the Bösendorfer grand piano is stored, please:

  • Ensure that the piano is in its usual position close to the side of the altar platform, with its long (not curved) side nearest the platform.
  • Ensure that the piano’s keyboard lid is closed, and the keyboard lock on the left side is in place and locked (Maryville Public Safety—314-529-9500—has a copy of the keyboard-lock key).
  • Ensure that the piano’s undercarriage humidisitat is plugged into the nearest electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that the piano’s custom cover is on the instrument, and the sign asking people to refrain from placing things on the piano is in place on top of the custom cover. The piano’s dedicated bench can be placed under the keyboard in a way that will allow it to fit under the custom cover.
  • Please do not move this piano. Its usual position ensures that it will not be damaged by air blown upward from the registers along the chapel’s walls.

When using the Bösendorfer grand piano:

  • Remove the piano’s custom cover and keyboard lid-lock (Maryville Public Safety—314-529-9500—has a copy of the keyboard lid-lock’s key), then place them in a safe place.
  • When opening the piano’s lid, please first open the lid’s small section near the keyboard, then the main portion of the lid.
  • The lid will open partway, or fully. This is important!:
    • The hole in the lid nearest the edge is for the two shorter lid-support stick(s).
    • The hole in the lid farther in from the edge is for the full-length lid-support stick. 
    • Once the lid is supported in its desired inclination, please ensure that the stick is perpendicular to the lid. If the lid and its supporting stick are mismatched, there’s a chance that the lid (which is heavy) may collapse, endangering people nearby.